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Kissable Matte Lipstick

To achieve the perfect pout for GirlsNight out, we found luscious matte lipsticks to give your dynamic outfit a touch of subtle, lip-kissing sophistication.

  • Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick creates matte velvety finish on the lips with its high pigmented and long wearing formula.

We asked amazon GirlsNight girls and this is what they said:

"I love this stuff! I have spent a lot of money on Matte Lipstick. You have no idea. This lipstick is smooth, soft and glides on your lips with no problems. I love this stuff. I am buying all my girlfriends a set. This set is amazing and not as expensive as one tube from a major makeup supplier. Please take a chance and buy this set, you will not be disappointed. I promise."

"The color choices are great! From nude to pink to red, the matte look gives me just the right touch. Sometimes I mix hte colors. Sometimes I wear them alone. Other times I add lip gloss. But no matter what I do, they always don't-shine thru (get it, matte). Matte is sexy! My boyfriend loves them on me too."

One GirlsNight matte, another night nude. Try MACs:

  • Creme d' Nude: Pale muted peach beige

You can't go wrong with MAC for your GirlsNight. Soft, sophisticated and the quality of MAC you expect. For a night out with your girlfriends, the nude color completes any outfit. They will be asking you the color and brand before the night is over. It's one of our GirlsNight favorites.

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