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The Working Girls Night Out

You work hard for your pay. Studies still show women, on average, make less money for the same job as a man. But don't be discouraged. We are definitely catching up....all good plans take time.

In the meantime....enjoy the women around you. Sometimes the best friendships can result from working together. On the other hand, be careful. It's still a working environment -- and you may not be able to trust everyone.

So, here are some tips for you to enjoy your Work-Girls Girls Night Out and still maintain your goodstanding professional relationships.

  • Don't Drink Too Much. Keep your alcohol consumption to a mild or moderate level. You'll be guaranteed there won't be any alcohol rumors about you the next day.

  • Don't Gossip. Do you really know the person you're gossiping to doesn't know the person you're gossiping about?

  • Don't Criticize Your Boss. He/She may not be there, but some coworkers love to share.

  • Don't Go Wild for Men. This is not the time to show everyone how attracted the opposite sex is to you.

  • Don't "OverShare". Do you think it's really a good idea to discuss your boyfriend's worst habits with workers who may "overshare" your information at work the next day. You want to be known for your good work performance, not your man problems.

  • Do Be Kind to Everyone ToNight. It's best for you professionally to get along with everyone. So, even if a Work-Girl is there whom you don't like; be kind to her. You might even end up liking her better at the end of a GirlsNight.

  • Do Get to Know the Girls. This is a great opportunity to know someone better -- outside of a work situation. Who knows, a good friendship may result.

  • Do Have Fun! It is still a GirlsNight. Relax, enjoy the GirlTalk, enjoy your surroundings, enjoy the moment...before you know it, you'll be back in the live toNight!

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