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Flame the Lanes Girls Night!

Grab a few girlfriends and head to the alleys at Night when they are aglow and rockin'.

Brush up on some essentials to make your girlsnight fun and high scoring!

1. Make sure you have a good bowling ball. Something that is not too heavy or too light, just right is the way to go. If you have one of your own, all the better.

2. Have shoes the right size. To avoid the used ones at the bowling alley, here are some shoes that glow under the black lights of a Girls Night bowling night.

3. Learn your stance. This step will develop during time. You need to know how and where you throw the ball to develop this skill. The stance is very important. Here you will get in your comfort zone some have different ways of starting but make sure you find a stance that is natural for you. If it feels wrong, ask others for help.

4. Find your mark on the lane. There are seven arrows on the lane. Do not aim for the middle. If you're right handed then aim for the arrow to the right. If you are left handed aim for the arrow to the left.

5. Follow through. Even though you should be doing that on every shot.

6. During the second ball, you will want to aim at a spare, and remember: speed makes spares. Higher speed = less time for the ball to react and turn = more accuracy. Remember, this comes with time. Don't just wing it. Practice a straight, consistent spare shot, and you will beat many a people on this basis. Everybody can strike. Not everybody spares.

7. Keep in fashion, as always.

Don't settle for those smelly rental shoes that have no style.

These rocking shoes have flames that glow in the dark under black light.

Get the pink and black or the purple and white below. Also, don't forget to get the hot neon pink bowling bag to carry your shoes and other necessary items. See it below.

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