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Tech Girl Report: Apple Watch

Tech Girl Report: Apple Watch

As we anxiously await the release of Apple Watch 2, and with my geek-filled Technology Master’s degree aside, let’s look the Apple Watch from a real Girl’s perspective.

When the Apple watch first came out, people wondered the value of a watch on one’s wrist, when the iphone had to be so nearby. But, from a real girl’s viewpoint, it definitely has its advantages. I'm here to share with you the real benefits for gals.

1. Never miss a text from a girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or child. We all know in a crowded nightclub, noisy restaurant or crazy concert, we can very easily never hear a text message on our phone. Alas, the Apple Watch solves this problem as it will vibrate on your wrist whenever you get a text thereby absolutely eliminating any chance you have of missing it. ​

2. Shop without missing a call. While at DSW, Designer Shoe Warehouse, and having ten boxes of boots and shoes scattered among me; I noticed another female patron doing the same when all of a sudden her phone rang. She dropped her bags, her shoes, hobbled around, with one shoe on, to her purse in order to dig inside to locate her ringing phone. I chuckled inside knowing if my phone rang, I’d simply answer it on my wrist or easily see who was calling and text them back. No searching for anything. Best of all, my shopping experience was not interrupted.

3. A great excuse. People often hurry their conversations with me because I’m checking my watch when a text comes in. They naturally assume I’m checking the time and in a hurry. “I won’t keep you”, they exclaim. This has it’s advantages if you want to cut short a meeting, a conversation, a date, etc. They already are assuming you have to run. If you don’t, and want to stay engaged, you simply explain you’re not checking the time, you’re checking messages. The great thing is, only your actions speak; you're not being rude at all. It’s like having a girlfriend get you out of a bad date.

4. Talking on the phone while driving. This is a hands-free method of driving and talking. You can literally talk on an Apple Watch with both hands on the steering wheel. (recommended: do not retrieve texts while driving, only at a traffic light). Use Suri to dial for you; never having to take your hands off the wheel.

5. Running and Exercise. Traditional iphones, while still attached to our backs or hips, need to be physicallly reachable while we exercise. The Apple Watch is conveniently located on your wrist to obtain any and all texts or calls while exercising, without any need to retrieve your nearby phone. A convenience worth the price of not having to miss a step.

6. Safety. Okay, let’s say you are leaving a mall or work after hours, walking alone. How much easier is it to report something suspicious or call for help when your communication device is on your wrist and not buried somewhere inside your purse and among your bags.

7. Conversation starter. Technology, especially the Apple Watch, is a great way to start a conversation .See a guy with one? Show yours too. See someone without one, tell them all the benefits. It’s a great way to start a conversation. I can’t begin to tell you the strangers who have asked me about my Apple Watch, and the others I have met who also own one.

8. Custom Colors and Style: Depending on my mood or outfit, I can change the watch face colors or style with a simple command, and I can change the watch band to match any outfit.

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