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The Internet Is Alive!

The Internet is Alive!

Ask anyone who visits my home, and they will tell you the Internet breathes. While most may still believe it’s a world-wide network connecting us all via browsers, modems and servers, I beg to differ. For me, it’s anything but an enigma of intangible form. Step one foot into my home and you will be greeted by a pop-up ad with hot breath and a wet tongue. That’s right. One day while reading a blog, an ad popped up with the cutest rescue dogs you can imagine. Well, I did more than imagine; I acted on it, clicking on the ad, finding my closest rescue center recommended by the site, and lo and behold, my furry Maltese mix is my new ‘pop-up ad’, in the flesh, keeping me company and protecting me from all others (remember the Internet breathes, so protection is a good thing).

Once you come farther into my home, you’ll be greeted with the lovely scent and vision of blooming hyacinths and mini roses. What girl doesn’t need a tiny flower garden to call her own? And thanks to my favorite gardening blog, it didn’t take much to convince me of that very idea when, before I knew it, I had ordered an indoor garden for myself, all via the Internet. Besides, the plants supply oxygen to my environment so, once again, technology lives and breathes.

My boyfriend came via the Internet as well. No, he’s not a male ordered soon-to-be husband, but I went thru a lot of online dating sites in which to find him. Texting, talking, emailing, you name it, we did it. Sometimes I look over at him when he falls asleep on my couch, and I think, who even knew the Internet had lungs! And it does. I watch his chest go up and down and it confirms to me the Internet is really alive. I mean, where else did he come from? Internet = man = alive. Put two and two together and you can see, the Internet isn’t as intangible as you once thought.

And he’s one great catch. It’s not easy to find a perfect man from the Internet, one who cherishes my twenty-five, half-started DIY Pinterest projects scattered in strategic work areas around my home, or bits and pieces of jewelry components ready to add to my Etsy shop. Nor was he bothered by my monthly subscription kits which come with all the latest make-up. Did I say monthly? Yes, I have a ton of make-up having taken part in that online for the last year and a half.

Nonetheless, my boyfriend thinks I’m great too. He knows I’d be there for him no matter what. When he’s sick and needs supplies; when he wants a great meal with special ingredients or when he even asks me a question about anything and everything he ever wants to know, I am there for him. I simply say, “Honey, just ask me. But say it aloud, loud enough for Alexa to hear you.” And don’t we all know Alexa is there for us, never sleeps, lives and breathes just for us.

So, see, the Internet really is alive.

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