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Stressed Out

STRESSED OUT? Here's a quick way to relax before GirlsNight:

Left-Brain Stress: Is your stressed caused by activities such as handling transactions all day at work, dealing with numbers, financial worries? These are all your "left-brain" hemisphere activities.

To Counter the Stress: Perform a right-brain activity...such as write a note, read a poem, give hugs. Engage your right-brain to balance the stress in your left brain. You'll be surprised at the results!

Right-Brain Stress: Is your stress caused by emotional issues such as boyfriend or marital problems, employee or boss relationships or family interactions. The "right brain" hemisphere handles emotions.

To Counter the Stress: Ease your mind by performing left-brain activities. Balance your checkbook, program important phone numbers into your phone, do math of any kind. Soon, you'll be feeling more balanced

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