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Party-Girl GirlsNight

You're a Party Girl at Heart! No sitting home for you. You're ready to put on your party dress and kick up your heels.

Check out the Party Places list below. If you're not yet invited to one...get yourself invited! Don't sit home girlfriend. You have the spirit and spunk to be out partying!

I. Party Places

  • Wine Tasting Party

  • Singles Party

  • Bars/Nightclubs

  • Concerts

  • House Parties

  • Barbecue Parties

  • Happy Hours

  • Art Exhibit Openings

  • Work Party

  • Ethnic Events

  • Opera

  • Plays/Theater

  • Family Picnic

  • Symphony

  • Apartment/Condo Party

  • Weddings

  • Fund Raiser Parties

II. No Spunk? No Problem!

You Have a Party Girl Spirit, but Not the can you get it? Some girls are just born with a party personality.

Here's how you can boost up your personality to match your Party Girl spirit:

  • Walk into a room with confidence

  • Give others direct eye contact

  • Smile big; Look friendly

  • Walk with good posture - like you're going somewhere important

  • Dress fashionably

  • Don't wait to be introduced; introduce yourself

  • Mingle; don't stand in once place too long

  • Ask people about themselves and listen to what they have to say

  • Tell stories of some of your experiences -- but nothing offensive to the other party

  • Dance and don't worry how you look

  • Move to the music; Feel it

  • Don't be a drinking fool -- you'll only embarrass yourself.

  • Allow yourself to be free of nervousness long enough to enjoy your night

  • Make plans that night for the next in between.

III. Get Pumped Before the Party!

Do what works for you..

  • Work out before you go.

  • Take a nap ahead of time. zzzzz!

  • Turn music on loud while you get ready!

  • Eat a lot of sweets or down a quick energy drink, for a sugar pump.

  • Buy a hot new outfit!

  • Wear the sexiest shoes you own.

  • Dump your boring boyfriend. zzzzz!

  • Run around the house with your dog.

  • Take a hot or cold shower.

  • Wear bold make-up!

  • Pick a GirlsNight Theme Night!

IV. Keep in Touch with Girlfriends at the Party.

Don't leave your girlfriends behind or ignore them, regardless of any man you meet.

Instead, do stay connected with 'Circle of 6'. It’s the mobile way to look out for your friends and stay connected and safe when you’re on a Girls Night Out.

V. Make Your Own Party !

Invite Your Friends for a PartyGirl GirlsNight. You supply the friends, has the supplies and themes.

VI. Party Supplies:

Invitations: (customize these with your date!)

Have a Great Party Theme? Tell us!

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