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No Best Friend?

No Best Friend?

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the perfect best friend? One female who could be there for us through thick and thin, through trials and tribulations, through relationship's beginnings and ends. She would say the right things, visit at the right times, and we would laugh our asses off most of the time and cry together when hard times hit. If it could be more perfect, we would go through things together in life, first engagements, first weddings and first children. But what if you don’t have the perfect best friend, or a best friend at all?

Worry not. Girlfriends can reflect all different aspects of us. To find a perfect person or a perfect best friend is sometimes like trying to find a perfect man. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. In the meantime, you should always cherish your female friends for their different traits and personalities and the good times you share.

Amanda has several friends, but no best friend. “Sometimes I wish I had a sister just so someone was born to be my best friend. But then, at lunch with the girls, I will hear sisterly stories and it seems they aren’t all such best friends. So, I do appreciate my girlfriends and often one or more feel like a sister to me.”

Jackie finds it difficult to trust. “If I had one best friend, I envision I could tell her anything.” However, sometimes that can be overwhelming for just one person. So, “what I like to do is share bits and pieces with different friends. If I want relationship advice, I talk to my single friends. If I want to talk about my issues with my mom, I seek one of my friends who has been there and knows what I’m feeling. By spreading out my issues among several friends, I get the advice and confidence I’m seeking without worrying one sole person has the responsibility to encompass all dilemmas of my life.”

“I love make-up and fashion; my friend loves technology” exclaims Jen. Sometimes, it’s true; opposites attract, even with friends. But when Jen likes to shop for new clothes or discuss make-up, it’s not her technology friend she goes to. With multiple friends and a myriad of interests among them, Jen takes her fashion talk to her other friends, more suited for a day at the mall or a makeover at Sephora.

Girlfriends can represent all aspects of us. We don’t need a perfect friend; we need a real friend. And sometimes it takes a friend with different interests to show us something new, something fun and exciting we never tried before. So, keep an open mind. What matters is that you enjoy and respect each other, and share talks, events and experiences which feel good together.

Remember, don’t try too hard to find a perfect friend. Perhaps ‘besties’ isn’t just designated for one friend alone. Look around you. Maybe what you think you’re missing, you already have. Perhaps there are multiple besties’ already by your side! It’s just a matter of how you perceive them.

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