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Single at Holiday Time?

Single at Holiday time? How to celebrate.

Heather has a new boyfriend. Monica is getting engaged. Samantha has been dating the same guy for three years. But you are alone. Getting thru the holiday season being single and unattached isn’t always the easiest thing; sometimes it seems everyone has someone, except you.

GirlsNight Ideas for Making your Holiday Fabulous!

1. Back to the Future. Imagine it’s the future and you are looking back at this holiday season. Remember, you won’t be single forever. In fact, Mr. Right could cross your path tomorrow. So, one day you will be remembering this holiday season as the single, unattached woman you are. Maybe one day you’ll be a mom and think, “I remember when I could do anything I wanted for myself at holiday time.” So…appreciate your present time, relish it and decide what you can do to make it memorable and happy for yourself. One day, looking back, it just may be your best holiday memory ever.

2. Cook your own fabulous meal. There’s nothing wrong with cooking your own turkey or roast beef, preparing cuisine for yourself, friend, family or colleagues. Make a special, grand meal for yourself, with all the fixings; open a nice bottle of wine, light candles and enjoy!

3. Know you’re not alone – Sometimes it’s our own thoughts that lead us awry. Keep perspective. This is one day or few weeks of the year. Reduce your expectations that everything must be ‘perfect’. “It wasn’t until I realized even couples don't necessarily have a perfect holiday season, even those walking arm in arm, that I saw the true reality", says Jessie. “Sometimes just to make myself feel better, I imagined what issues they were facing. And, as I strolled by them, I thought, gosh so glad I have control over just myself right now and I don’t have their issues! If anything, it made me chuckle inside.”

4. Journal and Blog – Feeling a tad blue? Journal or Blog! It’s a great stress reliever to get out your emotions out online in a personal blog or privately in a journal. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel. If things get really challenging, remember the old saying: 'This too shall pass'. Hang it in your room.

5. Get your Baking Groove On - If you need some attaboys this holiday season, find the person you feel would most enjoy your cooking and bake for him/her. It’s bound to make you feel special this holiday season. Or get involved with a local bake sale at church, schools, ladies events, etc.

6. Volunteer – Find a breast cancer support group and call the director asking if there is anything you can do to help out. Contact a memory center and volunteer with Alzheimers patients. Find a cause you believe in.

7. Visit a neighbor – Sometimes our most welcoming people are close by. Visit a neighbor this holiday season, throw a neighborhood holiday party at your house, visit an elderly neighbor home alone. Victoria remarked, “I never knew how much support I had right next door; often we don’t take time to notice or know our neighbors, but when I finally did, I developed life-long friends.” Sometimes it’s not just a cup of sugar you need from a neighbor.

8. Bake for the mailman. “One year", says Cynthia, "I had gone thru a divorce, lost my job and leaned on my parents for support. I had my own apartment, having to rent after selling the marriage home; it was a historic type of building and mailboxes were attached to the brick wall right next to each door. I decided there was one man who visited me every day so why not bake for him! So, I went right over to the oven, cooked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and left some wrapped for the mailman the next day. Now, I look back at that time, years gone by and now a mom, as a fond memory of being single, even thru a difficult time.”

9. Create, create, create – This is the time to visit DIY pages on Pinterest, take out the art brushes and paints or buy new, refurbish an inexpensive flea market table or chair, create ornaments, paint your bedroom, color your hair pink (or just add highlights), create your own graffiti on a huge canvas. The ideas are endless.

10. Call a friend – Jump in the car for a spontaneous visit or schedule a luncheon you will look forward to. It helps find an awesome outfit, books, hat, scarf or even new make-up to keep up your holiday spirit. Remember, single girls rock!

11. Keep exercising – Whether it’s a brisk walk, a few miles on your indoor treadmill or a trip to the gym, keeping fit will help your outlook and your perspective. Depending on how you are feeling, go solo, invite a companion or even be on the lookout for a new one. There are plenty of single men working out too!

12. Try a Meet-Up Group – What interests you? Share in your interest by joining a Meet Up group at “My grandma used to tell me the way to finding a man is to do what you enjoy; then, if you meet someone, you already share a common interest! It was the best advice ever because when I went skiing, which I love, I met Matt and we’ve been skiing together on the slopes and in life ever since!”

13. Consider getting a puppy! - If you have the time to care for a puppy or kitty properly, now is the time to reap all the benefits of having unconditional love in your life from a pet. Visit a rescue shelter too; they have great animals. You won’t feel lonely this holiday season with lots of love greeting you every time you come home. Monika told us, “I spent my single years not wanting the hassle of a roommate or a dog, but once I got married, had a child and got a dog for my son, I realized there were far too many years I spent without the company of a furry companion. I wish I would have gotten one when I was single, to have known the pure joy and love from a pet!”

14. Think Next Holiday – Okay, this is not a Zen living-in-the-moment idea, but it works. If the holidays have you down or your outlook is not at peak perspective, this is the time to concentrate on the next holiday. “I know everyone loves Christmas and the New Year," Marison said, "but since Valentines is my favorite holiday (who doesn’t like love!), I usually start thinking of decorating for Valentine’s Day during the Christmas season. Most years I purchase heart Christmas ornaments and they will be added to my very own special Valentine’s Day tree!" So…think ahead. There are holidays to celebrate most any month!

15. Get a Bear! – Buy yourself a big bear to hug! It’s soft, lovable and charming. And every time you see it, it will make you smile! Seriously. It will.

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