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Never Be Lied to Again

Wouldn't it be great if you could tell if your man (or anyone else) is lying to you? Well, now you can!

We have some advice on how to tell if someone is lying.

A Few Signs He is Lying

He's done something out of the ordinary and instead of addressing the issue, he avoids it by drawing attention away from it. There is usually a reason. When your attention is directed one way, check to see what lies the other way.

He usually tells you details of his days, nights with the guys, business trips, etc.; but now his story seems void of details. Watch for stories which seem vague. Lies may have a limited storyline.

While other people may be included in his story, the thoughts of another person are not. Be on the lookout for stories whereby another person's emotions are excluded.

Events that are made up rarely include negative details. Note if a story lacks negative details. Is he quick to change a subject? Does he resent accusations? Remember, the guilty want the subject changed; the innocent will want a further exchange of information.

You can find many, many more facts on how to tell if someone is lying. Don't be a victim of deceit. Read our book review and order your own copy of Never Be Lied to Again here at GirlsNight. We did and weren't disappointed. And that's the truth!


Never Be Lied to Again is a great book to determine if anyone is lying to you.

Don't people who lie frustrate you? Isn't it insulting when you think someone is lying to you?

Maybe it's your boss, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Your gut tells you they are lying, but you can't be certain. ...Well, now you can.

Written by a renowned psychologist, the techniques in this book are used in hypnosis and psycholinguistics and can easily influence anyone to tell the truth -- in just minutes.

When we read this book, there were so many great tips; we thought we would never remember them. But, an interesting thing happened. As soon as our gut told us someone was lying to us, the techniques we learned kicked in.

We were able to identify the lie and know for sure. It was almost as if our subconscious was protecting us from the deceit.

When you read this book and learn the techniques liars use, you feel empowered to determine the type of people you want in your life...liars or honest ones.

After recognizing the lies told to you, the choice is up to you what to do with the person. If it's someone who isn't close to you, it's probably something you can easily walk away from. But if it's someone you value, perhaps you should discuss their lies or choose to associate with honest people.

We choose the honest ones! The character of honest people can't be matched. If your liar doesn't see the error in his/her ways, seek the truth from someone else.

In the meantime, Never Be Lied to Again will bring you valuable knowledge and insight on human behavior.

GirlsNight Book Rating: *****

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