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Don't Be Late Again..

Where are my keys again? You're all ready to go with your girlfriends for a night of fun and you have no idea where you left your keys or your purse, wallet, cat.. We have found the Tile to be a great way to always find what you are missing. The tiles can be either put on a key chain, cat collar, dropped in your purse or stuck to any device.

They are really lightweight and use bluetooth to locate it. It also can tell you the last known location on a map in case you really don't remember where you left something while you were out with your girlfriends...

You download the tile app to your phone and off you go never worrying about being late again..

Well.. we can't promise that...

Also it's handy when you are having a Girls Night In as you will be able to find that TV remote buried under the pillows on the couch.

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