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Test Your Breath!

Don't be a Paris, Lindsay, Nicole or any of the other famous, or not-so-famous, that have been in trouble for driving while intoxicated. So, your Girls Night starts out slow, you aren't really drinking...but, then, the party starts taking off and you had just a few drinks. Anymore, with just a few drinks you will be over the legal limit for driving.

We strongly suggest that anyone who drinks should find alternate transportation, but in the event you can't, at least have a way of knowing if you are under the legal limit. The financial consequences of driving over the limit are substantial to your life.

This portable device works with your cell phone to give you an accurate reading of you alcohol level. It uses the same police-grade sensor technology, which is the same technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and law enforcement, and offers the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

It's also good to have to lend to your favorite boy if he is going out and you know he has a tendency to overdo it and not act responsibly.....

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