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Eww Bug be Gone Girl

One night last year, I was on my way for a girls night out and as I was leaving right above my front door to my apartment a great big hairy spider was on the wall. I spent twenty minutes trying to get it to move and when it finally did it ran down the wall and behind the TV stand. I had no way of getting it and for days I was worried that I would wake up one night with it crawling on my head.

Well girlfriends... Never again. I found the perfect solution for those spiders, flies, mosquitos and anything else that enters my domicile... The Bug-A-Salt.... Yes, finally no more smashing a bug all over your wall with a fly swatter, magazine, tv remote or anything else you desperately grab.

This handy device works just like a nerf gun but fires a pinch of table salt. It eradicates those pesky bugs without smearing them or tearing them apart. It's simple to use and all you need is regular table salt and good eye to aim.

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