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Cultural Girls Night Out!

Have a Cultural Experience!

Culture doesn't mean you have to walk around with your nose in the air!

It means refinement of your artistic taste. It can be emotionally enriching to experience the arts!

Whether you're a novice or an artist, grab your girlfriends and head off for your artistic experience for a Girls Night out!

Many local art museums and galleries have special events, lectures, champagne and ordourves, ethnic theme nights, exhibit openings and more. But, also you don't have to wait for an event. You can also spend a Girl Nights browsing the arts together.

Tips for Reaching Your Artsy Side:

Look at paintings and prints in different way. Do you see the effects of light? Of darkness? Of depth? Of color contrasts?

Does the Art Move You? Do you get an emotional feeling from the art? What feeling is it? Try to identify it.

Is the Work Titled? What do you think the artist was trying to portray? Does the title help you determine this?

What Are Your Favorite Pieces? Do you like landscapes, abstracts, figures, etc.? Learn your art preferences.

Does Viewing Art Motivate You to Do it? You may have some undiscovered talent. Give it a try!

Learn to Express Yourself Verbally. Don't say "that's nice" or "that's pretty". Use words which express the depth of the painting. For example: "The intensity of that image really portrays the effects of the battleground in that painting:". Reach deep and the words will come to you.

Get Experienced! Practice these tips by getting involved in Art. You'll begin to feel more comfortable around art and art events

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