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Meet Men Girls Night!

Have a Man-Meeting Strategy. Discuss everyone's ideas on the best way to approach a man, converse with a man or let a man know you're interested. Your girlfriends may have ideas you never thought of before. Come up with a consensus on what strategy works best.

Have Signals for the Night. If you're being bothered by a man you're not interested in, be sure to have a pre-planned signal for your girlfriend to take you out of the situation. Choose a key word (other than "help"), a hand signal or a gesture which identifies you need relief. Or, just handle it yourself.

Meet Periodically in the GirlsRoom. Determine a time when all the girls will meet in the girls room...perhaps every hour or two. Pamper and powder yourself. Discuss and laugh about your man-meeting night. Ditch any man that is hassling you.

Practice Safety and Common Sense. You're meeting strangers. First impressions are important, but you don't really know these men. Don't go off alone with a guy you meet. Don't provide detailed information about where you live. If you're interested in the man, think about taking his number instead of giving yours. If you do give your number, give your work number instead of your home. Be Safe, Always!!

Keep Your Drinks Close. Since there are drugs sometimes being placed in drinks to take advantage of women, never leave your drink unattended. If you set it down and walk away to dance, order a new drink when you return.

Don't Ever Feel Obligated to a Man. Please... He may have bought you drinks all Night, but you owe him nothing. It was his choice to buy you the drinks. Don't use a man. Be honest if you're not interested. But never feel obligated to a man you don't even know.

Lastly and Most Importantly Don't blow off your girlfriend for a Man on a girlsnight! It's the quickest way to lose a girlfriend...for good.

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