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Theme: Crazy Hair Girls Night

Text your friends, it's a Crazy Hair Girls Night tonight!

This means there are few rules for your hair except it must be awesome, exceptional, creative, unique and something you may never have tried before. Be bold and get your hair noticed!

Best suggestions:

Rainbow Hair: Yes, tonight is the night you are the pot of gold under the rainbow! Go ahead and add rainbows of color to your hair. Wrap your hair in a bun and twirl purple, pink or blue together. Braid fushia and green throughout your hair. Paint on different colors. Snap in multiple colored extensions. Here are some to try: Colored Extensions

Ombre Hair: You don't need to visit your hairdresser for this look. We found great Ombre Extensions to give you that quick, one night awesome hair look!

Available for either light or dark hair too!

Curly Mohawk: You can take this look as far as you want to go. Mild mannered or sparkled and colored. Express your mood and personality on this girlsnight and start it from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes.

Crimp and Accessorize: Crimp, tease and accessorize. Try feathers, beads, fabric or anything else unique to stand out. Go big or go home! Get your top rated crimping tool here.

Dreadlocks: The girls will be talking and heads will be turning when you walk in with an awesome set of dreadlocks. Add color for enhacements and braids. Tie them back for an optional look. You won't go wrong for Crazy Hair Girls Night with this look. Try Hair Beads too!

Hair Jeweled: With Conair's Quick Hair Jeweler, you can add beads to any look for your Crazy Hair GirlsNight

Wig it!: Go dark and mysterious or blond and beautiful. Go short or long; opposite of what you have. Tonight you are the girl set to rock the world! Try a wig, hair piece or color your hair a completely different color. It's time to shake things up and rid yourself of your daytime color, style and length! You go, girl!

Get More Ideas: For more Crazy Hair Girls Night looks, check out

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