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Have a Nature GirlsNight!

Cherish your friends in a natural way:

Relax with nature and enjoy a Nature GirlsNight!

It's the time of year you want to be outside.

You need a break from work, school or the hectic daily traffic.

Take time out for a GirlsNight the natural way:

Enjoy Nature! has discovered some great ways to share in the fun of nature with your friends. We even have nature-inspired invitations in which to invite them. So enjoy the ideas and your Nature GirlsNight. The fun has just begun.

1. Night Nature Walks! Call the local Nature Center and ask about night walks. Many centers have night-animals inspired walks and talks. You may even learn a thing or two while sharing in this GirlsNight pleasure walk. Don't forget your flashlight!

2. Nature Craft Project! Have a Nature-Inspired craft project at your home or a local Michaels. Our Pinterest Nature page has some ideas to inspire you. Make a leaf wreath, plant herbs together.

3. Experience the Stars! Attend an Astronomy Night Meet-up from the local Astronomy Center or Club. They are always eager for new members and they bring the best telescopes. The events are usually free or you can leave a small donation in a collection box. If you've never experienced Saturn from a mega-telescope, you have no idea what you're missing.

4. Outside Yoga! Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand with nature. Both are relaxing and refresh your soul. Try an instructor who teaches outside, even after work, for a truly inspiring experience.

5. Have a Camp Out! As long as it's not snowing outside, you can set up camp in your own backyard for an awesome Nature GirlsNight! Toast marshmallows, have smores, share stories, help friends in need.

6. Garden at Night! A great GirlsNight nature project is to start or continue your indoor gardening with friends. Get some plants, dirt, wine and cheese and enjoy the creations that keep on growing.

7. Garden Lecture! Visit your local nursery together with your girlfriends for a scheduled lecture. Peruse the plants and flowers, and be sure you learn something you never knew about nature in the process: a new flower type, edible plants, cluster planting, water-saving techniques, mulch, etc.

8. Make Fruit Pie Night! How many of us can say we make the perfect crust? Tonight is your night to experiment with any fruit pie your desire. The best part? When it's all done, you have a great dessert to eat together! Work in teams so cooking time is minimized. Don't forget the coffee and tea!

9. Compost Night! Are you an expert on composting? Perhaps not. Tonight is the night you invite your friends to all become experts. Have them bring their compost, supply cheap containers and learn all about it.

10. Volunteer at a Wild Animal Shelter! Don't forget about the furry friends in need of help; those injured and healing at Centers. Some may include: Wild birds, Seals, Squirrels, Deer...the list goes on.

11. Make it Organic! Whom among us is the healthiest consumer of natural products? Everyone bring a natural or organic dish, enjoy the feast and talk about your efforts to cook better, more organically, for yourself and loved ones.

12. Sunset Party! Plan an event around the sunset. Invite your girlfriends, have good food and good wine. String some party lights. The party will be set. Take pictures of the sunset while laughing and enjoying all the pleasures of friendship.

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