Really Stressed Out

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One of the most amazing technologies to relieve stress and facilitate meditation is the Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer from MindPlace.

With Kasina, you can access deeply tranquil states quickly, perfect for relaxation and meditation. Sessions include: Meditate, Rejuvenate, Night Voyage, Trance, Mind Art; however, you are allowed to create your own sessions.

Kasina allows you to break undesirable states, such as anger and worry. It has additional capabilities that include:

  • Mood Shifter – Change Your Mind

  • Facilitate Accelerated Learning

  • Focus and Attention Trainer

It is easy to use, a Plug and Play Out of the Box tool that you can use right away.

At $349. it is not cheap but once you try it you will understand why there are all the rave reviews on Amazon here.

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