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When Will I Find Love?

When Will I Find Love?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Since you never really know when it is going to happen, today or tomorrow could be the day!

So if it's love you want, and you don't yet have it, try these exercises to keep a positive attitude until Mr. Wonderful comes along.

  • Maintain friendships with your girlfriends.Women are important to have in our lives while we are waiting for a relationship with a man or even if we already have a man. "We relate to each other differently than we relate to a man". One shouldn't replace the other.

  • Try a new activity: It's a simple task, but often difficult to do. Sometimes, we are stuck in a rut. For a list of some new activities to try, click here for suggestedGirlsNight activities to do and places to go.

  • Do the Math with Dating Sites: Don't get discouraged. Do the statistics. The more you meet up, the more likely to meet a guy you like. Keep the meet ups short, public and at your convenience. You'll know if there is potential. But play the statistics. Statistically, over time, the odds are in your favor. Take breaks from the dating sites for yourself whenever you are feeling too discouraged.

  • Tell people you know that you are looking for a relationship. Don't exclude telling women or folks outside of your age group. Often people know of a single, nice man they would love to set you up with -- whether it's their co-worker, brother, friend or even son. So look at everyone you meet as a potential connection to your future man.

  • Truly Believe! Sometimes when we believe something will happen, we subconsciously make decisions to assist in making it happen. Case and point: One GirlsNight friend decided she was single long enough. She would marry a loving man soon. She inevitably took actions which resulted in her meeting and marrying the man of her dreams. It wasn't all simple, though. He lived in another state. They dated long distance for a year and ended up happily married.

  • Keep Inspired: One GirlsNight girlfriend was discouraged after several first dates with Mr. Wrongs. "I started to feel like the type of man I wanted just wasn't out there...strong, fit, intelligent, professional, good looking, sports minded, etc. So, I subscribed to men's sports and fitness magazine; every issue reminded me that the type of man I was looking for was out there somewhere. It kept me going through the Mr. Wrongs until I was able to meet Mr. Right...or at least Mr. Inbetween.

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