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Your Favorite Lipsticks

What Mood are you in tonight for your GirlsNight?

We have every lip shade to fit how you feel tonight!

'Rebel', by MAC - Take no prisionors tonight. You aren't about to break the law but you aren't about to abide by every rule. Hard day at work, boyfriend frustrating you...get it all out tonight by rebelling with awesome, bold color. There's no question who is in charge tonight!

Get it here on Amazon for under $28

'Snob', by MAC - Don't be afriad to wear your feelings on your lips tonight. If you want to pucker up in the air tonight and walk right by that cute guy, this is the perfect color to do so. Get it here on Amazon for under $22

'Viva Glam Rihanna LipGlass', by MAC - Sexy, bold and original. You are ready for a memorable Girls Night and this is just the color that won't allow memories to fade! Get it here on Amazon for under $19

'Impossibly Sweet', by MAC - Tonight you feel like showing off your sweet, sexy side. This nude, soft color is just the treat you are looking to match your outfit and your personality. Get it here on Amazon for under $32

'Yum Yum Candy', by MAC - You're hungry for a great time tonight. Your outfit is just right; your week is over. It's time to enjoy a little yum yum on your lips tonight! Get it here on Amazon for under $22

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