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Beach Party Girls Night!

Albeit spring, summer or fall, the beach is an excellent place for a

Girls Night!

Grab your picnic baskets, beach towels and blankets, great food and drink.

Add to it a mix of fun friends and you've got the start to an awesome Girls Night!

Here are some suggestions to make it unforgettable:

1. Have everyone bring their favorite food to share.

2. Recruit a strong guy to carry your cooler to the sand.

3. Have a contest for the ugliest, rattiest beach towel.

4. Put on henna tattoos.

5. If you have a talent of sort, stand in tourist area, with an upside down hat for collecting contributions, and be a temporary street performer. Take turns. Have your girlfriends cheer as or in the crowd.

6. Play truth or dare.

7. If there are beach vendors, buy something crazy to commemorate the occasion. Weird beach glasses, a sexy t-shirt, crazy sandals, velvet or sand art.

8. Sit in a circle predict where everyone will be in five or ten years, who they will be with, married or not, career direction, kids or not, living in what area of the nation or world.

9. Make friends while you are there.

10. Take silhouette picts of your friends while the sun goes down.

11. Build a beach campfire at night.

12. Toast marshmallows and make smores.

13. If you're over 21, have sex on the beach (the drink)

14 Post your picts to #GirlsNight theme nights.

15. Meet men.

16. If things slow down, invite others nearby to join in.

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