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Black & White Girls Night!

Get ready for a fun Girls Night with one simple rule:

Everything must be black and/or white!

1. Turn your phone picture color off!

Explore pictures from a different perspective tonight taking only black and white pictures. You'll experience contrast, dimension, and an effect unlike your typical picts.

2. Dress in only Black or White, or combination!

From head to toe you will stand out in the room by mere contrast. There's nothing like a sweet, sexy black dress or white skirt to set you apart from the crowd.

3. Drink only Black and White drinks!

Here are some Girls Night drink suggestions: Black Russion, White Russion, Kahula and Creme, Coca Cola, Dark Ale beer, blackberry margarita; just remember, the darker or lighter, the better.

4. Eat only Black or White foods!

This is your night for the B&W eating challenge. There's plenty to choose from on the menu, from clam chowder soup to blackened swordfish. You can get creative and don't be afraid to ask the chef to prepare something for you, only black and white.

5. Add Black and White accessories

If you've ever wanted to wear preppy black glasses, now is your time. Wishing you could wear that awesome white hat, go ahead. Four inch black stilettos, now is your night.

6. Make up

This is tricky, but you can pull it off. It's a perfect night for a dark smokey eye. Go really black. Pull out the very black mascara. Shadow with a deep, deep gray or black. For your lids, you may want to contrast with white or go for a full black effect. For lips, this just may be the night you try black! Use very light, bright highligher for your blush tonight, subtle sparkles along with it, even better.

7. Nails

The black and white nail ideas are endless. Try some ideas at our Pinterest site. Go solid black or white or create an incredible combination of it.

8. Transportation

This goes without saying; whomever has the black or white car, is the designated driver. Or, better yet, if alcohol will be part of your night, rent a black or white limo or party bus!

9. No-Gray Attitude!

Girls Night, Girlfriends, this one is big! This is not the night to be indecisive. There is no indecision, no lack of confidence, no long negotiations. Tonight, everything is black and white. Walk with confidence, breeze by that bouncer with your head held high knowing you and your group are the epicenter of the party. Your answers tonight are a confident, yes or no, bringing together who you are, your values, your wishes, your friendships.

You aren't wishy-washy, or contemplative. You all know what you want and tonight you will state it with charisma, confidence and decisiveness knowing everyting in your world is good, and black or white. No weak or questioning gray thoughts allowed tonight. You are solid, strong and making your statement!

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