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Rebel Girls Night

Sometimes we just need to rebel. Nothing dangerous, harmful or illegal... just something to awaken our spirit when life is getting mundane.

So, take a GirlsNight and rebel. We've listed some safe, fun ways to say, "I don't have to follow all the rules tonight!"

Here are some ideas to assist you:

  • Just once, spend an entire paycheck on clothes!

  • Write your ex that mean letter you always wanted to write him. Seal it. Open it a day later and then throw it out, (he's not worth the stamp to send it).

  • Wear your make-up to bed tonight.

  • Get a tattoo. Or put fake tattoos all over your body. Show your friends and family and tell them they are real.

  • Go on a candy diet. Eat all candy for one solid day. Keep it sugary and you might even lose weight.

  • Rent a sports car for the day.

  • Dress in all black leather and stop by a neighborhood bar for a quick drink. Take a friend for safety.

  • Skip a meeting at work. Go have an afternoon ice cream instead.

  • Buy red hot silky sheets, relax and dream away.

  • Cut up all the old clothes you hate and never wear.

  • Don't record anything in your calendar or phone for a day; just wing it and do whatever you want instead.

  • Go out with your friends and drink 10 strawberry margaritas. Prearrange with the bartender that there isn't alcohol in any of them. Don't tell your friends until the ninth one.

  • Send flowers to yourself at work and let everyone wonder who they are from. Do it on a Monday and everyone will wonder about your weekend.

  • Wear tanning oil (with an SPF block) and enjoy the sun instead of worrying about it.

  • Skip the dark business suit at work today! Wear anything bright, bold and colored. Make a creative statement.

  • Wear black everyday for two weeks. See if anyone says anything to you.

  • Forget the decaf. Drink all regular coffee.

  • Enjoy a diet of Starbucks drinks for a day.

  • Wink at every guy you think is unattached and attractive, smile and keep on walking.

  • Don't be passé and do typical rebellious things like drink, smoke or do drugs. How un-original, boring and stupid!

  • Wear blue, green or black lipstick.

  • Don't say good morning to anyone today; just smile and let them say it first.

  • Skip your normal routine, work or school, just this one day and have a spa day!

  • Paint your self portrait with graffiti paints on a huge canvas. Hang it in your place.

  • Take a different route, path or today for work, school, errands, anything. Take the road less traveled today.

  • Have a lunch picnic in the snow with a friend; picnic tables are readily available in the winter.

  • Go to a rooftop club, or hotel and have wine with a friend.

  • Hang out in a neighborhood near the airport runways and have jets roar over. Their size alone will keep your issues in perspective.

  • Write down all the careers, studies, occupations you never thought you would do but intrigue you. No limits. Then give them some thought. They may be more soul nourishing than your current job. Perhaps it's time for a change.

  • Write that complaint letter you kept meaning to do; you may facilitate changes that help others as a result.

  • Buy a dozen eggs and throw them at your (if you own) house outside. Great stress reliever.

  • Throw snowballs at your friends in a impromtu snowball fight.

  • Buy yourself a cake celebrating you and only you.

  • Go crazy with body glitter!

  • Skip the diet. Eat chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies!

  • Wear all black, sexy lingerie underneath it all today.

  • Indulge in some awesome artistically done nails at that salon you never thought you could afford. You deserve the treat.

  • Take a day and don't go to the gym or run...and not feel one bit of guilt. You are already awesome!

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