Whine Girls Night

Boyfriend getting on your nerves? Boss has unrealistic expectations? Family prying into your business?

This is a perfect night to air your grievances. Girlfriends are the best listeners!

Here's how to make it a perfect Whine GirlsNight.

Oh, and don't forget the W-I-N-E!

1. First, start with good friends who will listen and not harshly judge. Whining is therapeutic.

2. Set the ground rules ahead of time. No criticism; only support.

3. Ensure a comfortabe environment. Use pillows, blankets, teddybears.

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4. Have some wine with your whine.

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5. Get ready to brainstorm solutions if your friend is in need.

6. Set a timer. Sit in a circle; five minutes per person allowed.

7. Talk about anything and everything you feel a need to get off your chest.

8. Laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine.

9. Recommend de-stressors like art, meditation, exercise, to your friends.

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10. Be a giver, but also give to yourself. When it's your turn to whine, express yourself. It's can be healing.

11. When you go home, continue the process in a journal. That way next time you'll have plenty of topics to whine about.

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11. Enjoy the closer bond of friendship you created by expressing your feelings with your friends in a trusting environment.

Bonded through a Girls Night Whine Night!


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